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Time shuttle-The smart contract based on the zone fast chain technology, the entire ecosystem such as the sharing economy and the fan economy, the celebrity IP physical mall, etc., signed the head celebrities of each domain,[celebrity version has; Time can be transformed into knowledge, wisdom, skills, emotions and other productive forces through sharing. Time is life, and sharing celebrity time truly embodies the value of celebrity time. Put celebrity time on the line to provide users with demand, fill the gaps in domestic and international celebrities 'time and space transactions, add value to celebrities, and express dreams for fans.


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Shenzhen Time and Space Shuttle Technology Co. Ltd. is an innovative celebrity time sharing trading platform, adhering to the most valuable time, shared to the most needy people. To add value to celebrities, to help fans dream. Time shuttle uses block chain technology to build a celebrity time ecosystem and create a new model that integrates sharing economy and fan economy.

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Market pain point

Higher standard of living, higher demand for cultural entertainment, individualization and diversity.
National entertainment, self-media, head effect, fragmentation.
Low level of entertainment management, no phenomenon management system.
The stars are connected to the events and the schedule is based on the arrangement of people around the economic people, which is relatively limited.Including experts or investing in large coffee or celebrities in other fields are the same and cannot be peer-to-peer Finding users with needs, users can’t find celebrities, and some are even harder to find.There are many intermediary links, it is not convenient to buy celebrities offline and can not be refunded.
Can't help celebrities increase time, value.
Cannot pre-sell celebrities for future time, reducing the barrier to trust.
Higher standard of living, higher demand for cultural entertainment, individualization and diversity.


Entertainment industry: Internet = Finance = Entertainment reduces intermediate links and breaks through time and space restrictions.
The entire ecosystem of the shuttle is built on a technology that can not be falsified such as block chains. All the data is real and traceable, so there's a trust barrier, so each celebrity has its own set of time management systems, its own background sends its own personal celebrity token, Celebrity can put idle debris time or work time or future time at any time; Point-to-point to users who need it.

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Core team
Blockchain Advisor
Ray Jimenez
Elaine Shao
Co-Founder, Serial Entrepreneur
Ryan Espinosa
Senior Product Manager
Jim Wiatt
Executive director(Former Chairman of William Morris Corporation)
Michael G. Corrigan
Executive Director (formerly Meigao CFO)
Chief Architect
Li Minghao
Blockchain Technical Director
Xie Chuanhai
Chief Designer, Senior Full Stack Engineer
Zhu Bo
Dream Chaser Foundation Founder
Zheng Gang
Zihui Founder Founder
Jack Z.Chen
Senior expert
Yang XiangYang
Yuan Zheng Investment Chairman
Zhu Bo
Dream Chaser Foundation Founder
Zheng Gang
Zihui Founder Founder
Hu Shihui
Tai Mei Group Chairman
Zhang Wei
The founder of the entertainment factory
Wu Bin
Daosheng Investment Founder
Sun Zeyu
Creation Capital Founder
Deng Di
Tai Yiyun Chairman
Yang XiangYang
Yuan Zheng Investment Chairman

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